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ILFA is a UK registered charity focused on building excellence in legal services across Africa.

ILFA Programmes

In the last decade ILFA has successfully seconded and trained almost 200 African lawyers from 20 jurisdictions through its flagship programme. In 2016, the programme was further extended through the introduction of an intra-Africa secondment programme which was launched in Lagos, Nigeria. ILFA intends to run similar intra-Africa secondments in South Africa and Kenya.

News & Events

See Highlights from ILFA Elevate 2020!

ILFA Elevate – Africa Legal Counsel Forum
Nairobi 2020

A one and half day ILFA leadership summit aimed at uniting and elevating the African in-house legal community through discussion, cooperation and network building.

 For event details,please click here.

ILFA  Gala Dinner 2019: 28th November 2019

ILFA successfuly held it's annual Gala Dinner on Thursday 28th November at The Law Society. This year's theme was The Ankara Ball. To find out more, please click here.

ILFA is constantly looking for energetic, dedicated and creative interns to assist with promoting, profiling and providing a strong voice for all of ILFA's programs.  Learn more >>

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  • "What  comes  to  mind  when  I  think  of  ILFA?  Two  words.  Passion  and  commitment. From  the  passion  and  commitment  of  the  founding  directors  and  advisory  board members  through  to  the  present  ones,  the  passion  of  the  sponsors,  secondees, administrative  staff  and  volunteers,  ILFA  has  blossomed  and  flourished."
    Dame Linda Dobbs DBE
  • Wamaitha Nelly
    "Being  a  part  of  ILFA    was  an  experience  that  marked  a  turn  in how  I  view  myself  and  my  continent,  Africa.  Being  in  London  with  other  brilliant  African  legal  minds,  working  at  top  London  law  firms,  being  part of  a  different  culture  and  experiencing  for  myself  how  Africa  is  perceived  by  the rest  of  the  world  was  life  changing.  Not  only  did  it  teach me  many  valuable lessons  and  hone  my  skills  as  a  lawyer,  but  I  think  the most  important  thing  ILFA  did  for  me  was  to  affirm  to  me  that  Africa  is  an important  continent,  and  that  I  can  be  a  part  of  the  amazing  story  of  Africa  and  its  effect  on  the rest  of the  world."
    Nelly Wamaitha
  • ILFA - Adekola Adegbemisola
    "While it was absolutely great to see the insides of leading international law firms and hear partners and associates speak on their areas of strength and practical experiences in Africa, it was extremely amazing to sit with brilliant minds from other African countries, hear and share thoughts on the different training sessions. That in itself was a great intra-Africa learning opportunity and priceless bit of networking."
    Adegbemisola Adekola
  • Emmanuel Acheampong
    “I just completed reading the course 'Building and Managing Your Law Firm'. I must admit that this course has been far more enlightening, insightful and of much depth than I ever thought. This is a must-read course for attorneys thinking of starting up a law firm. In fact, senior attorneys managing existing firms may also find useful guidance from this course and deploy them as tools to help them better manage their firms. I have already recommended it to some friends...I will gladly continue recommending it to others.”
    Emmanuel Opoku Acheampong
  • Adam Wahab
    “It has been a great opportunity to have access to the Angaza course materials. The website is user friendly, practical and relevant to law practice in Nigeria and I imagine to other jurisdictions across the African continent. As a Dispute Resolution Practitioner, the very first time I logged in, I jumped on the module on cross-examination. Incidentally, I had a trial where I was cross-examining a witness the following day. I went back to the questions I had prepared a few weeks before, and with the benefit of insight gained on the Angaza site came out better equipped for the task. The positive impact was as such instantaneous! The Angaza platform provides a much needed convenient avenue for legal practitioners to access tools for continuous legal education and to continue to improve the various skills required to excel in the 21st Century practice of law.”
    Adam O. Wahab, Esq
  • Wael Mohamed
    “I found [the 'Building and Managing Your Law Firm'] course extremely informative. It's tailored to the African context. It will have long-reaching consequences in the African legal market.”
    Wael Omer Abdin Mohamed